avg.com/retail - install avg with license number

Create an avg account to download and install avg with license number and purchase online through avg.com/retail and secure your PC and other devices from viruses and malicious programs.

What is avg activation code?

Avg activation code is a unique 25 character alphanumeric code, used to activate avg internet security.

Retail card usually contains a license number for avg retail activation. Enter the code screen during the time of download and activation

Where to seek out avg license key?

This activation product key code is located on the backside of the retail card. This card used to insatll and activate avg antivirus.

Enter your avg retail activation code

Once you logged in your AVG account you will enter your activation code & click submit button. Follow all the instruction. Now wait 2-3 minutes to complete the activation process

How to register on avg.com/retail?

  • Visit the www.avg.com/retail website and open ‘My Account’.
  • Provide the requried details
  • Click on create account
  • Your account is succesfully created

Login with your avg retail account

Once the setup is running it will ask for login to your avg account. Login with your avg credentials if you already have an avg account otherwise you can create an account with the avg.

Download avg antivirus with license number

  1. Go to avg.com/retail
  2. Enter unique code or avg retail key code
  3. Login your account & select product
  4. Click on download button to download setup

Insatll avg & run setup file

Make sure you uninstall all the antivirus programs that were previously installed on your device.

  • Double click on the download setup
  • Now "run" the file
  • Follow the instruction and click "yes" or continue.
  • Your antivirus will successfully installed

Activate avg with avg activation code

  • Open the avg antivirus by double-clicking on it.
  • Avg retail activation window will appear automatically.
  • Enter the avg activation code
  • Click on “activate” button.
  • Wait for a minute for activation process
  • Restart the computer
install avg with license number

What is avg subscription?

In the avg account, where you can manage your all paid subscription, which are registered with your email address.

Renew your avg subscription

When you open your email, you will get your “Subscription Renewal Reminder”. Then click on Renew Now. Now, you need to enter your contact and payment details. Click on continue. Follow all the instructions to complete the purchase.

Cancel your avg subscription

If you want to cancel your avg subscription, and then click on the cancellation link you received in your original purchase confirmation email. Then to access your avg account, cancel your subscription from here.